Aaron Weiss
Owner/Principle Examiner

Aaron Weiss is the owner and principle examiner of Forensic Recovery. Aaron has testified as an expert witness in federal and state courts, and he has performed forensic examinations on computers and mobile devices for criminal and civil cases nationwide. Aaron has been involved in high-profile cases, and he has been referred by the Secret Service's Miami Electronic Crimes Task Force.

Aaron started his career in computer forensics in 2003 as a civilian member of the Orange County Sheriff's Office's Computer Crimes Squad. He has since received over 100 hours of training related to digital forensics, mobile devices, incident response, and electronic discovery from various known training organizations. Aaron has a Master of Science in Digital Forensics from the University of Central Florida, and he holds numerous peer-recognized competency certificates, including: CompTIA A+ Certified Professional, and CompTIA Network+ Certified Professional.

In 2011, Aaron was hired as an adjunct instructor at American Intercontinental University, where he authored and taught computer forensics and electronic discovery courses as part of a Bachelor degree program specializing in digital investigations. He has since mentored newcomers into the forensics field, and he continues to participate in the local and national forensics communities.

Common Case Scenarios

  • Intellectual Property Theft
    An employee or executive leaves an employer to start a new company or work for a competitor. The previous employer ends up in a legal dispute because the employee took with him client contacts, confidential trade secrets and intellectual property, or left a backdoor for remote access to the network at a later time. We can help determine how the employee acted prior to leaving the company or at the onset of litigation.
  • Child Pornography Charges (Peer-to-Peer))
    Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces around the country identify and arrest potential traders of child pornography on a regular basis. We can review the Government's findings and conduct an independent examination of the digital evidence in order to determine the circumstances surrounding the charged files.
  • Divorce
    Forensic Recovery can assist counsel in helping to identify, preserve and analyze digital evidence in family litigation. Often, our work is related to location data, communications, and hidden asset leads. Working through counsel on these matters is the preferred mechanism.